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Common Truck Accident Causes

Attorney Jason Itkin discusses some of the most common causes of trucking accidents throughout the nation, including ignoring proper maintenance, improper training, and more.

Large trucks, commercial trucks, they are big. They are fast. They are dangerous.

These trucking companies are not paying attention to safety. They’re not training their drivers. They’re not watching over their drivers to make sure that they’re driving safely and that they are following the rules that are put in there to protect all of us on the roads. When something bad happens, the truck companies are putting their resources in to try and figure out ways not to pay. Because when a big truck hits us in our regular cars, the damage is bound to be catastrophic.

We want to make sure that companies are held responsible. We’ve done that, not only where we’re based here in Houston, but we’ve taken on trucking companies all over the country. We’ve beaten them. We’ve gotten record-setting results. We can make a difference so that industries are safer.

We’re not just helping our clients. We’re helping families. We’re helping people we may never meet.
It’s such a powerful thing to know that we’re actually saving lives and improving lives through the work that we do on our cases.

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