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Who Is at Fault for the Truck Accident?

In almost all cases we have tried involving a trucking accident, it is the trucking companies who are fault. Learn more about what this means and how hiring a skilled attorney can help with your case.

It’s important that you find someone that’s tried cases consistently against trucking companies. A lot of times, the trucking company is usually at fault. Because they are either too tired, their truck is out of maintenance, or they violated some regulations. In the cases I have been involved in, it is always the trucking company’s fault.

We have handled cases against some of the largest trucking companies all over the country—and we’ve won those cases. We have a track record of holding them responsible. If something bad has happened. If you have been hurt or injured by a trucking company, you don’t need an average lawyer or an okay lawyer.

You want to have the best lawyer.

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