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Holding Truck Companies Responsible

Immediately following a trucking accident, the companies involved go into cover-up mode. To ensure that your rights are protected and your best interests are looked after, do not hesitate to hire an attorney you can trust.

When you are dealing with 18-wheelers, large trucks, trucks that are owned by companies, there are different federal regulations that might apply, there are different requirements for how long a driver can be on the road or off the road—there are different rules of the game that apply.

Not all lawyers know those and not all lawyers have the type of experience necessary to handle those type of cases.

At our firm, at Arnold & Itkin, we have handled cases against the largest trucking companies all over the country, and we’ve won those cases. An accident happens involving a large commercial truck, an 18-wheeler, a semi, a truck that’s owned by a company—it’s vitally important to hire the very best lawyers possible.

Because these big companies immediately go into cover-up mode. They even carry accident investigation kits with them on board in case something happens. The reason they’re doing that isn’t because they care about the truth. It’s not because they want to make sure they document what happened.

The truth is that they are going into cover-up mode from the first minute that the accident happens. They want to avoid responsibility at all costs. We have a track record of beating them, of getting results, of holding them responsible.

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