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Billions of Dollars Won in Verdicts and Settlements

Arnold & Itkin's Recent Victories

Arnold & Itkin is no stranger to success. In our time spent in the legal industry, we have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients. In fact, the members of our team have been involved in more trials in the last few years than most attorneys can say they have handled in their lifetime. We encourage you to look below and read about some of our most prominent victories. Have more questions about how we can help you? Call (888) 490-0442 today or contact us online.

8000000000.00 Billion

$8 Billion Verdict for Dangerous Johnson & Johnson Drug

Arnold & Itkin LLP won the third largest verdict in U.S. history against one of the biggest and most well-funded companies in the world.

Our firm—along with co-counsel from Kline and Specter—won a record-breaking verdict against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson. The case concerned Risperdal, a drug Johnson & Johnson originally developed to treat adults with mental illness. To earn more profits, the company aggressively expanded the drug’s use off-label and directly targeted children with disabilities.

When our client was 9-years-old, he was prescribed Risperdal. Shortly after, he developed gynecomastia—a serious condition where boys grow female breasts. We uncovered evidence that Johnson & Johnson knew about the connection between Risperdal and gynecomastia but chose not to turn it over to the FDA, the doctors, or the families that were ultimately hurt by this drug.

After nearly a month of trial, a Philadelphia jury announced an $8 billion verdict in favor of our client —the third largest verdict for an individual plaintiff in United States history and the largest jury verdict ever won for a single-plaintiff in Pennsylvania.

357700000.00 Million

$357.7 Million Settlement Reached in Record-Setting Result

Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a nine-figure settlement for a workplace accident, making it the largest workplace accident settlement in Texas history.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Kyle Findley, and Adam Lewis settled a confidential case for $357.7 million against a transnational corporation on behalf of several injured employees. Our clients were injured in a serious workplace accident and turned to our firm for help. Kurt, Jason, and the team settled each of their cases for massive amounts, collectively securing a settlement larger than any other workplace accident settlement in state history. More importantly, we were able to ensure that our clients and their families were taken care of for life. This life-changing result was achieved within only 16 months of the date of injury.

205000000.00 Million

$205 Million Record Settlement Negotiated for Multiple Clients

Arnold & Itkin LLP settled a case for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for a group of clients against a large defendant and in spite of multiple obstacles.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Noah Wexler, and Caj Boatright obtained a massive settlement on behalf of a group of clients against a well-equipped defendant. Our attorneys took dozens of depositions to get to the facts of the case. Finally, after years of hard litigation and overcoming multiple legal and procedural hurdles, our attorneys reached a settlement agreement shortly before trial was supposed to begin.

171000000.00 Million

$171 Million Settlement Achieved for Plant Explosion

Arnold & Itkin negotiated a record-setting settlement for the multiple victims of a plant explosion.

Our legal team has secured one of the largest settlements for a catastrophic even in history. Our team took on a plant explosion case that many other firms turned down, believing that our own aggressive and thorough preparation would allow us to do them justice. We were right—after years of defeating motions and holding hundreds of depositions, we secured $171 million for multiple victims of a catastrophic event. We are proud to have provided for the lifelong needs of injured workers.

116939241.00 Million

$117 Million Verdict Won for Victim of Ambulance Accident

$117 was won for a woman and her two children after a severe accident.

Arnold & Itkin won a verdict for a woman injured while traveling in an ambulance. The victim was seven months pregnant and experiencing severe stomach pain when she called for an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance driver dropped something and picked it up without slowing down. As a result, the ambulance collided with the back of a sugar cane truck. The plaintiff suffered a severed spine and a brain injury. She will never be able to recover and is permanently restricted to a wheelchair.

When the verdict was decided, she had already incurred $1.4 million in medical bills and she is expected to need an additional $30 million for all future medical treatments. The unborn child was delivered prematurely; both baby and the plaintiff's other daughter are now under the care of the plaintiff's mother. Arnold & Itkin is proud to say we secured a $117 million verdict for the mom and daughter after proving negligence on behalf of the ambulance driver. We were able to show the ambulance’s driver had a poor driving record and bad eyesight. This money will go toward medical expenses for the mom as well as the possibility of complications with the premature child. Part of that verdict was also awarded because of the pain, suffering and loss of support that the children sustained because of their injured mother.

116000000.00 Million

Massive Confidential Settlement Reached for Clients.

Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a nine-figure confidential settlement for clients.

Attorneys from Arnold & Itkin LLP achieved a massive nine-figure confidential settlement on behalf of our clients after several years of hard work.

110000000.00 Million

$110M Record-Settlement Achieved in Dangerous Product Case

Arnold & Itkin attorneys represented the rights of those who suffered from dangerous, defective products.

The Arnold & Itkin legal team represented individuals who had been seriously harmed by the use of a dangerous product. We successfully took on the case and recovered $110 million on their behalf.

105000000.00 Million

$105 Million Recovered for Those Harmed by Dangerous Products

We represented the victims of defective products and successfully recovered $105 million on their behalf.

In a record settlement, the trial attorneys from Arnold & Itkin LLP recovered $105 million. We were proud to represent the rights of individuals who had suffered from the use of dangerous, defective products.

97000000.00 Million

$97 Million Settlement Obtained by Arnold & Itkin

After months of preparation for trial, Arnold & Itkin secured a massive $97 million settlement for their clients.

One of our attorney teams consisting of Jason Itkin, Kurt Arnold, and Ryan Macleod, obtained a massive confidential $97 million settlement for workers injured in a refinery fire. Our attorneys took on some of the biggest corporate entities in the world to obtain justice on behalf our clients. Through this victory, Arnold & Itkin guaranteed that the injured workers will receive the medical attention they required, in addition to securing their financial futures. Our firm was ready to fight this case in trial, but the opposition settled just before litigation began.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $39,419,325.32
92700000.00 Million

$92.7 Million Record Settlement Secured for Burn Injuries

Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a massive settlement for a worker who was injured in a workplace fire, ensuring that he will be able to provide for his family for the rest of his life.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Kyle Findley, and Adam Lewis settled a case for $92.7 million on behalf of a worker who was severely burned in a workplace accident. Our settlement set a statewide record for plaintiffs with similar injuries, breaking the previous record of $87 million—which was a case our firm also settled. Most importantly, our result ensures our client will be able to take care of his family for the rest of his life. Our firm was proud to represent a deserving worker in his fight to get the resources he needed from those at fault.

87000000.00 Million

$87 Million Settlement for Severely Injured Man

After the companies were initially unwilling to take responsibility for their actions, the team at Arnold & Itkin was able to secure a multi-million dollar settlement for our client.

Jason Itkin, Kurt Arnold, and Ryan MacLeod worked together to earn their client a massive $87 million settlement. The client, a young refinery worker, was performing his routine duties when he sustained life-threatening burns. The companies who employed the man told Arnold & Itkin that their client was fully responsible for the incident, but we knew better. Our attorneys worked to show that the companies were indeed responsible for the injuries this man had sustained. Eventually, the companies agreed to pay the client a just amount. The client can now have peace of mind knowing that he and his family’s medical bills will be take care of. Hopefully corporations see this story as an example of why employee safety should be the number one priority.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $35,326,920.07
78000000.00 Million

$78 Million Recovered for Seriously Injured Client

Our attorneys represented a client who was severely injured, successfully recovering $78 million on their behalf.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Caj Boatright, and Roland Christensen successfully recovered $78 million on behalf of a client severely injured in West Texas.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $32,778,286.12
76600000.00 Million

$76.6 Million Verdict Won on Behalf of Teenage Boy

The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin won a major verdict against Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Risperdal, on behalf of a client suffering gynecomastia.

Arnold & Itkin won a case against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutical in a case involving a young boy who developed gynecomastia as a result of taking Risperdal. Attorney Jason Itkin and the team of lawyers from Arnold & Itkin obtained a $76.6 million jury verdict on behalf of the boy and his family, with the help of Santana McMurrey and Cory Itkin.

This verdict comes as a big victory for Arnold & Itkin, who was able to hold Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutical accountable for their failure to warn that Risperdal could cause breast growth in young boys. After the family initially sued Johnson & Johnson, the defendants refused to own up to their failures, insisting that Risperdal was the only drug that could help the boy, that he continued to take the drug even after understanding the risks, and ultimately, that the drug doesn’t cause female breast growth. During the trial, evidence of a scientific link between Risperdal and gynecomastia was uncovered during cross-examination. This evidence, known in the case as “Tab 4”, was not made public until the trial and was kept secret from the FDA by Johnson & Johnson. Additionally, the findings never made their way into published scientific studies. As a result of “Tab 4”, the jury determined that Johnson & Johnson purposefully concealed, falsified, and destroyed evidence of the study.

The trial lasted 11 days. As a result of the skilled advocacy of our attorneys at Arnold & Itkin, the Philadelphia jury unanimously determined that Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to warn of the drug’s side effects and that this failure substantially caused gynecomastia in the plaintiff. Arnold & Itkin’s client was awarded $76.6 million by the jury—the largest verdict in a Risperdal-Gynecomastia case.

75000000.00 Million

$75 Million Confidential Settlement Secured for Multiple Clients

Arnold & Itkin LLP negotiated a massive eight-figure settlement for a group of claimants.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Caj Boatright, and Noah Wexler settled a case for $75 million on behalf of multiple claimants after facing significant legal obstacles. Initially, our team had to win a series of rulings that would have prevented the case from ever going to court. When our attorneys secured the right of our clients to have their cases tried in court, the defendants settled with them for a massive eight-figure sum.

72000000.00 Million

$72 Million Settlement Negotiated for Worker Who Lost Arm

Arnold & Itkin have achieved a swift and decisive victory for an oilfield worker endangered by his employer and other companies.

Attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Kurt Arnold have won a massive settlement for a severely injured oilfield worker less than 2 years after the accident occurred. Our client’s injuries, which included the loss of his arm, were caused by the negligence of multiple companies. Thanks to the enormity of this record-setting victory, the companies involved were forced to change their policies to ensure this never happens again. More importantly, our client will be able to get the medical care and financial security he needs to move forward. The case resolved one week before trial was scheduled to begin.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $29,340,369.87
43943006.00 Million

$44 Million Won for Victim of Serious Accident

Attorney Kurt Arnold, along with two other attorneys, won a $44 million jury award, which is the largest amputee verdict in the country.

Attorney Kurt Arnold represented a construction superintendent whose leg had been amputated after crush injuries sustained in crane accidents. Our 31-year-old client had been standing 100 feet from the auger behind a safety fence when he had been struck by a piece of large equipment. The accident had occurred when a crane operator had been attempting to unstick an auger. The operator attempted to stop the job at least five times but was denied. The crane eventually collapsed. After a crane had lifted the equipment pinning our client to the ground, he was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where an above-the-knee amputation was performed on his left leg. During the three week trial, Kurt argued the company hired to drill the auger cast pilings had violated standard safety practice in an effort to complete the project quickly. In addition, he argued that the owner of the crane had poorly inspected the machine. The jury deliberated and found both companies to be responsible. In the end, a $44 million award was won. This case was listed #43 in The National Law Journal's Top 100 Verdicts of 2015.

41000000.00 Million

Wronged Client Awarded $41 Million Jury Verdict

We won a jury verdict of $41 million for a wronged client in Hawaii.

In a lawsuit against Key Principal Partners LLC and its parent Key Corporation, the legal team of Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin from Arnold & Itkin LLP were able to secure a jury verdict in excess of $41 million. It was one of the largest verdicts to date for the firm and is representative of their ability to provide real results for their injured clients.

Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $11,906,014.00
39744000.00 Million

$39.7 Million Verdict for Victim of Burn Injuries

Our firm represented a Texas worker who sustained life-threatening injuries in a dust fire and explosion at his place of work. After a three week trial, the jury awarded a record verdict of $39.744 million.

Attorneys Kyle Findley and Adam Lewis represented a Texas worker who sustained catastrophic burn injuries after a dust fire and explosion occurred at a Georgia-Pacific plywood plant in Corrigan, Texas. The blast occurred due to multiple system failures. In 2004, Georgia-Pacific had hired Aircon, Inc. to design and install the dust collection system, which carried highly-combustible dust from an industrial sander to a baghouse where filter bags would clear it from the air. GreCon, Inc. was responsible for a spark detection and suppression system that worked in conjunction with the dust collection system to help protect the baghouse.

Tragically, both systems failed on April 26, 2014. A fire in the system resulted in sparks being sent through the ductwork of the plant; the systems failed to prevent the ignition source from entering the baghouse. This failure led to an explosion and deflagration, which engulfed out client in flames. Despite the life-threatening nature of these burns, our clients worked to alert emergency services of the explosion. He was only transported via life flight helicopter to a Tier 1 burn unit after confirming that his co-workers were on their way to treatment.

Our law firm took on the case and took it to trial, which lasted three weeks. At that time, our client had already undergone seven surgical procedures to treat his injuries; he was projected to receive multiple more due to the severity of his injuries and his deteriorating condition. We fought hard to demand justice for our client, arguing that the systems had failed to meet industry standards and, in the case of the fire prevention system, had been installed in an unsafe location. After deliberating, the jury agreed and found both defendants negligent. The jury then awarded our client damages for medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, disfigurement, physical impairment, physical pain, and mental anguish. The verdict totaled $39.744 million.

29000000.00 Million

$29M Settlement for Wrongful Death Case

Our injury lawyers represented a family after a fatal accident.

Attorney Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, and Cory Itkin recovered a $29M settlement on behalf of a family who lost their loved one who had been working offshore. It is the largest known settlement for a case of this type.

28000000.00 Million

$28 Million Secured in Confidential Settlement

Our personal injury firm is proud to have fought and won for our client’s well-being.

Arnold & Itkin LLP have secured $28 million for a client in a confidential case resolution. Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Noah Wexler, and Caj Boatright negotiated the result, which will go toward ensuring our clients get the support and closure they need.

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