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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020NovemberWoman Needs Compensation After Being Struck by 18-Wheeler

Woman Needs Compensation After Being Struck by 18-Wheeler

The truck accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are helping a woman who is suffering from the repercussions of a truck accident. She sustained serious injuries after being struck by a truck driver. Now, she requires compensation for medical bills and other financial damages caused by this preventable accident. 

When companies hire drivers, they're responsible for making sure their employees are ready to operate trucks safely. When they fail to do this, other people on the road suffer. This is unfair, and our client deserves justice from the company that failed to operate responsibly.

Arnold & Itkin is always ready to help people suffering from truck accidents. We’ve seen the destruction that these collisions cause in the lives of clients and take the fight personally. Our team will fight for the financial restitution this woman needs and won’t settle for less than what is fair. 


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