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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020NovemberCommercial Truck Accident Leaves Man with Severe Fractures

Commercial Truck Accident Leaves Man with Severe Fractures

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a gentleman who sustained life-threatening and catastrophic injuries in an 18-wheeler accident. The client was driving when an 18-wheeler dangerously pulled out in front of him. Unfortunately, our client suffered injuries that included seven broken ribs, a broken sternum, a broken collarbone, the crushing of a cheek bone and eye socket, a severe laceration to his knee, and an aneurysm behind his broken sternum.

These bone fractures threaten our client’s long-term mobility and render him unable to work in the short term. He both needs and deserves compensation to ensure that he is able to pay for his medical treatment, replace his missing earnings, and provide for himself while he heals. Additionally, the defendant needs to be held accountable not only for our client’s sake, but for the sake of everyone else on the road.

Arnold & Itkin looks forward to helping another injured client receive the compensation he deserves and the medical treatment he needs.

Our firm filed suit in El Paso County, Texas.


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