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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020December13-Car Pileup Leaves Service Member & Son Badly Injured

13-Car Pileup Leaves Service Member & Son Badly Injured

Arnold & Itkin truck accident attorneys filed suit on behalf of a military serviceman who was involved in a 13-car pileup that nearly cost him and his son their lives. A dangerous trucker decided not to pay attention and slammed into our client from behind, pushing him forward with such force that more than 10 other cars were involved in the wreck. 

Our client suffered extensive injuries to his head, back, neck, arm, and wrist—including a burned arm. These injuries all affect his mobility, which not only affects his livelihood but his quality of life. To get back to normal, he will need extensive medical care, and it’s only right that the company who caused the accident pay for the medical treatment he needs.  

We want to send a strong message to reckless trucking companies everywhere: employing dangerous drivers is not acceptable, and their decisions have consequences. Our firm is eager to make sure our client obtains closure and the compensation he needs to forge a path forward.


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