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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2019DecemberCase Filed for Man Injured by Driver at Rest Stop

Case Filed for Man Injured by Driver at Rest Stop

Arnold & Itkin's truck accident lawyers are currently representing a man from Jay, Oklahoma who sustained serious injuries while driving his truck in Texas. Our client was parked at a rest stop in Stratford, Texas when another 18-wheeler crashed into his truck. Because of the accident, our client has injuries to his neck, back, knees, shoulders, and other parts of his body.

When a truck driver operates their large vehicle irresponsibly, other drivers suffer as a result. Truck drivers already have a dangerous job and accidents shouldn’t happen to those who are safely parked to rest. No one should suffer because they thought they were safely parked at a location designated for rest.

Arnold & Itkin has a history of defending those suffering because of negligent truck drivers. Our team will fight to earn the compensation this man needs to receive the medical care he needs for his injuries. We filed this case in Dallas, Texas.


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