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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018SeptemberHow Trucking Etiquette Improves Road Safety

How Trucking Etiquette Improves Road Safety

On this blog, we frequently mention all the events that can go wrong with trucks—poor maintenance, driver negligence, and other serious issues are common when discussing accidents involving commercial vehicles. However, an important aspect of driving safely is road culture and how truck drivers behave on the road. Drivers who are proactive and aware create a culture of responsibility on the road that evolves into a safe atmosphere for all who use the nation’s roads.

Inconsiderate driving is more than just a nuisance, it’s a safety hazard. Often, those who drive as if they are the only vehicle on the road place other drivers at risk of accidents due to careless selfishness. While driving aggressively may seem like the most time-efficient option, it isn’t. Considerate driving creates a culture of efficiency on the road and balances the driving capabilities of all people on the road.

Help Beginners

Every trucker been a new driver and should understand what it’s like to be on your first haul. When you are first starting your career, every road seems longer as you learn the art of traveling solo over a long distance. If someone is clearly a new driver, help them out if possible: be understanding if you see that guy who cut you off at a truck stop or give advice if you see a new driver doing something wrong. If done the right way, helping beginners will only build comradery between all drivers on the road. It may be hard, but it is worth the long-term results!

Be Thankful

If a truck or another vehicle lets you merge or overtake, say thank you by using your turn signals, signal interrupt switch, or any other way of letting the driver know that their consideration is appreciated. We are social creatures and react to positive feedback. This means that reinforcing someone’s consideration will encourage them to continue their behavior for other drivers.

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