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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018NovemberValuable Tips for Driving Your Truck This Winter

Valuable Tips for Driving Your Truck This Winter

The transportation of goods cannot be halted to due to severe weather. As a result, truck drivers are often forced to haul through some of the most hazardous conditions seen on American roads. As the coldest months of winter approach, our attorneys believe it's crucial to discuss the dangers of driving a large truck through severe weather.

Black ice, road hazards, snow storms, and inexperienced drivers are just a few of the hazards that come with driving a commercial truck. in winter The following tips will help you safely navigate the nation’s highways this winter.

Know Your Limits

Having too much confidence can be dangerous while driving in a snowstorm. Stay updated on the latest weather reports and remember that the storm may become progressively more severe as you drive. If your vehicle is near its limits, it is time to stop—the worsening weather could turn a dangerous situation into a deadly one. Do not rely on satellite radio for your traffic reports. Utilizing a citizen’s band radio could inform you of local hazardous conditions more quickly.

Importantly, if conditions are dangerous, there is no shame in pulling over and waiting for the storm to pass. However, if you do decide to stop, make sure you are resting in an area that is safe from collisions from other vehicles.

Prepare Your Equipment

Preparing your rig can dramatically increase its ability to handle severe weather. Buying snow tires can drastically improve your truck’s handling on winter roads. Additionally, make sure your truck is equipped with chains that will enhance its traction on a snowy or icy road. In extreme conditions, do not forget to winterize your fuel. When diesel fuel gels, it is unable to be used as a source of energy for your truck. Being stranded because of gelled fueled is a frustrating but avoidable event.

Having your truck stocked with the proper tools and attire will help you handle the challenges presented by cold weather safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Gloves, rain and snow gear, blankets, jumper cables, and other winter gear will help you overcome the challenges of working in harsh elements.

Road Safety

Black ice is an invisible killer. Driving over black ice at full speed can result in losing control—especially dangerous if other vehicles are nearby. Even if conditions are not wet, black ice can still form. Be wary of bridges—they gather black ice faster than roads.

Drive slower than normal and be prepared to stop your truck slowly if you hit an ice patch. Avoid driving in the ruts created by other vehicles—their weight can compact snow and make it harder for your tires to find traction. 

If you have been involved in a winter accident, call the truck accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin today at (888) 490-0442. Our legal team is ready to provide a free consultation of your case.


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