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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018NovemberCase Filed Against Company That Allowed Truck To Be Operated Without License

Case Filed Against Company That Allowed Truck to Be Operated Without License

Arnold & Itkin’s truck accident attorneys recently filed a case involving a young man who was violently rear-ended by a commercial truck operated by a Houston-based construction company. The at-fault driver was operating the commercial truck without a valid license. While doing so, he failed to control the speed of the vehicle and violently collided with our client’s vehicle. Our client sustained serious injuries to his neck, back, and other parts of his body.

Companies have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are properly trained to operate the equipment required by the job. It is even more important that they verify that a worker is legally licensed to operate the equipment that they are utilizing. Failing to do so is employer negligence. More to the point, failure to do these two crucial tasks harms people.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent this man and seek the justice that he deserves. No one should suffer because a company ignored important safety laws. The case was filed in Harris County, Texas where the defendant has maintains its principal office in the state.


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