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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018June13 Injured in Pasadena School Bus Crash En Route to Graduation

13 Injured in Pasadena School Bus Crash En Route to Graduation

Pasadena Memorial High School's seniors understood more than most the "obstacles" facing them on the way to graduation, as the valedictorian speaker put it. On the way to the graduation ceremony, the six-bus caravan was in a chain-reaction crash when the front bus tried to avoid hitting a truck. Four of the six buses were in the crash, leaving 13 injured: 11 students, 1 faculty member, and 1 bus driver.

The crash occurred on the south Beltway near Blackhawk. Uninjured students departed the buses in their caps and gowns where they boarded new buses to the ceremony. Injured students, meanwhile, were loaded onto stretchers and taken to the hospital. Thankfully, 9 of the injured students eventually made it to their ceremony. Two of them missed it but will reportedly receive a private ceremony when they recover from their injuries.

"The injuries are not severe injuries," said Art Del Barrio, the Director of Communications for Pasadena ISD. However, some parents are not necessarily convinced that their children weren't harmed—one of the students' mothers mentioned that her son complained of neck pain while he was heading to the graduation post-crash.

"But what if they are really hurt?" she asked.

Most PMHS students were able to graduate as planned, albeit a little later in the day than they expected. We're happy to hear that the injuries from the school bus crash were not severe and that the students were able to enjoy their accomplishments as high school graduates. Congratulations, class of 2018—it should only get smoother from here.


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