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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2016February$2.4 Million Secured for Elderly Woman Hit by Delivery Truck

$2.4 Million Secured for Elderly Woman Hit by Delivery Truck

Following a serious delivery truck accident, an elderly woman sought the help of our team at Arnold & Itkin. Attorneys Caj Boatright and Kurt Arnold quickly jumped into action on behalf of our client, reviewing her case and uncovering key evidence to help bring forward a strong claim.

The delivery truck backed into our client, with the rear wheel of the truck causing significant damage to her leg. This led to multiple surgeries and extensive medical bills. Our team utilized their legal knowledge and investigative expertise to find eyewitnesses to the incident, greatly bolstering our client’s claim. We didn’t stop there, though. Our attorneys connected with an outstanding trucking expert to help establish the fault of the truck driver and his employer and conducted multiple depositions throughout the country. Our aggressive and incisive strategy effectively exposed the flaws in the defendant’s initial stance that our client was to blame for her own injuries.

To ensure our client got the just compensation she deserved, we also hired numerous medical experts to get a clear picture of our client’s future health and medical expenses. Arnold & Itkin is proud to have been able to help our client recover maximum compensation while holding the negligent parties accountable for this trucking accident.


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