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Labor Day Weekend & Truck Accidents

In the U.S., we celebrate many holidays. While these days can be a time to relax from work stress, celebrate with family and loved ones, and just kick back and have a fun time, they can also lead to dangerous accidents. With all the holiday cheer, many drivers often slip into bad habits behind the wheel. From driving while fatigued to being under the influence of alcohol, holiday drivers are notorious for causing more accidents than regular days.

If you plan to be on the road this Labor Day weekend, make sure you are prepared for the dangers and stay alert when driving, as truck accidents and other collisions get a huge spike around this holiday.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the most dangerous holidays and how you can stay safe.

What Are the Most Dangerous Driving Holidays?

According to statistics from a recent year, you may be surprised that New Year’s Day (and the eve before) is actually not the most dangerous holiday to be driving on. While most people are out celebrating during New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving and 4th of July are often the leaders for most dangerous driving days of the year.

Other dangerous driving holidays include:

  • Christmas
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day

The “most dangerous” day can fluctuate depending on the number of accidents that occur in a given year. In years past, Labor Day has boasted as many as 487 fatal accidents, with an average of 45% of those accidents being alcohol-related. If you have to be on the road this holiday weekend, make sure you follow the safety tips below!

Avoiding Truck Accidents this Labor Day Weekend

While it is best to stay off the road if you can, sometimes travel plans and other matters can’t be avoided. There are a few steps you can take to help reduce the risk of being in an accident.

Try to stick to the following tips if you find yourself on the road this weekend:

  • Avoid leaving at “rush” hours if at all possible
  • Prepare for serious traffic—don’t let yourself get frustrated
  • Stay alert and keep your eyes and mind on the road
  • Don’t get stuck in a truck driver’s blind spots (or no-zones)
  • Put away all distractions, like your phone, and don’t be tempted in stopped traffic
  • Keep away from drivers who are speeding or show aggressive behavior
  • Eat before you get in the car to so your attention isn’t split
  • Plan for extra time to get to your destination
  • Make sure your car has had an oil change and other maintenance before a road trip
  • Keep an eye out for swerving drivers who may be intoxicated

While the last thing you may expect to be involved in this Labor Day is a truck or car accident, it is important that you prepare ahead of time so that you can protect yourself and your passengers. If you do get injured in a collision, make sure you report it right away and seek legal counsel to help resolve your case.

Don’t let your holidays be ruined by dangerous or reckless drivers! Call our truck accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin if you need to discuss an injury claim.


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