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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015OctoberL.A. Settles Woman Killed By Garbage Truck Lawsuit for $5 Million

L.A. Settles Woman Killed By Garbage Truck Lawsuit for $5 Million

Last December, a 60-year-old woman was struck by a city garbage truck in Los Angeles. Now, the city has finally agreed to a settlement with the family of the woman. They will pay the woman’s husband and daughter $5 million.

Flora K. was hit by the truck at the intersection at Beverly Grove. Police reported that the driver couldn’t complete a right turn because it was too sharp, so he decided to back up. When he attempted to do so, he struck Flora, who was standing on the sidewalk nearby. She was knocked to the ground and sustained severe injuries that led to her death.

Not the First Truck Accident Settlement for the City

While the Los Angeles City Council took several months to come to agreement on the $5 million settlement with the family, this was not the first legal issue they have encountered over garbage truck accidents.

Just last year, the council dealt with another major settlement. They approved a $10 million settlement for a woman from Northridge who was struck when walking across a marked pedestrian crosswalk on Reseda Boulevard. Police reports indicated that the truck had a blind spot and the driver could not see the woman.

The woman suffered serious injuries from the collision, limiting her ability to walk and causing her to be unable to conceive children. According the analysis, she was likely not employable due to the severity of her medical complications. As a result, the city settled for the substantial amount mentioned above.

The Dangers of Garbage Trucks

While garbage trucks are supposed to be equipped with safety features that protect pedestrians and other drivers from accidents, this is often not enough. Due to the massive size and build of garbage trucks, it can be difficult for drivers to maneuver them carefully and see their surroundings—especially if they are negligent in any way. This lack of visibility makes pedestrian and vehicle accidents with garbage trucks all too common.

Just last June, a person was injured in Tyler, TX when a sanitation truck struck them from behind due to speeding. In July, an Austin woman was killed when a Texas Disposal Systems Mack truck struck her while she was walking. In August, a woman in Travis County, TX was flown to an Austin hospital after a trash truck driver lost control and turned into oncoming traffic, colliding with her vehicle and causing serious damage.

These are just a few examples that demonstrate how often tragic truck accidents can occur throughout Texas and surrounding states. That is why Arnold & Itkin is proud to stand up to reckless truck drivers across the country.


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