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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015NovemberTips for Preventing Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Tips for Preventing Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Thanksgiving is the single-highest weekend for car collisions and crash fatalities. Why is that? The combination of cold weather, high-volume traffic, and holiday drinking leads to truly tragic consequences. However, knowing the causes is also a way for you to prevent accidents. Here are our tips for preventing accidents this holiday weekend.

Travel on Tuesday & Monday

The highest volume of traffic annually is on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, followed by the Sunday afterwards. Everyone travels on Wednesday. If you are planning on heading out of town for Thanksgiving, beat traffic by taking an extra day off or two. Yes, you’ll need to take even more days off for the holiday weekend—but statistically speaking, Americans need the time off anyway. Spare yourself the headache and travel on the days that have less drivers.

Leave Early & Drive Slow

Even if you don’t leave early, avoid driving aggressively—especially in inclement weather. The end of fall and the beginning of winter can lead to wet weather than results in poor road conditions. However, the issue is not water alone. Most accidents occur in bad weather, but it is not because bad weather causes accidents. It is because poor drivers do not change their driving in response to bad weather! Give yourself generous distance between yourself and other cars, and give yourself enough time to respond to a sudden collision or crisis.

Assign a Designated Driver

This is not so much a tip as it is an ethical imperative—do not drink and drive. Too many people are hurt or killed every year because people insisted that they were “good to drive.” Thanksgiving and Christmas deserve to be free of mourning and grief. Save yourself the potential heartache, tragedy, and criminal charges by assigning a designated driver. Once you have a sober ride home, you can enjoy yourself without stress or worry!

Arnold & Itkin hope our readers enjoy a safe and warm holiday weekend!


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