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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2014MayTractor Trailer's Spilled Steel Pipes Causes Fatal Highway Crash

Tractor Trailer's Spilled Steel Pipes Causes Fatal Highway Crash

In Blythe, California a fatal bus accident was caused as a result of a load of pipes tumbling from a flatbed truck. Minutes after the truck had jackknifed, as a result of drifting into the dirt median, and spilled some of its cargo, a bus struck the pipes, slid down an embankment and overturned. The accident resulted in the deaths of four of the bus passengers and left at least seven others in critical condition. This was the second fatal accident involving a bus and big rig to occur this month in California.

The truck had been carrying dozens of pipes, some of which were as long as 50 feet. The truck had jackknifed after the driver tried to pass slower vehicles and lost control. As the accident is being investigated some suspicious things about the truck company and its driver are coming to light:

  • After one inspection of the truck, a driver was not allowed to finish a trip
  • The registration for the truck expired in January
  • According to federal records, in 2013 the contact for the trucking company had an expired medical certificate, had driven eight hours without a break and had been operating a truck that had not undergone periodic inspections
  • The contact for the trucking company could not be reached for comment

More Information about These Types of Accidents

When cargo spills from a large truck, a hazardous situation is immediately created. Sometimes these instances are especially perilous as they involve flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous cargo. After a cargo spill accident, a truck accident attorney can help you determine who can be held responsible, answering questions such as:

  • Was the truck improperly loaded?
  • Was the truck improperly secured?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the accident?

Sometimes more than one party can be held responsible—for example, the trucking company and the company involved in loading the vehicle. At other times, there is more than one cause responsible—for example, maybe the cargo load was imbalanced but the truck driver was speeding which caused the load to shift.

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