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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2021FebruaryWoman Injured by Driver at Stop Sign

Woman Injured by Driver at Stop Sign

Arnold & Itkin’s commercial vehicle accident lawyers are representing a woman who’s suffering because a truck collided with her at a stop sign. Now, our client requires compensation for the financial damages and suffering this preventable accident has caused for her.

Too often, companies place unsafe drivers behind the wheels of their vehicles. In this instance, the defendant did just that. People who can’t follow basic rules of the road—such as respecting stop signs—shouldn’t be allowed to make driving a truck their profession. Now, our team will fight to make sure this company is held accountable for its unsafe hiring practices.

Our team will work to help this woman move forward from this incident. While nothing can change what happened, we’re proud to be the help that clients need during difficult moments. No matter how tough the challenge.

Our team filed this case in Harris County, Texas


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