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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020NovemberThese Are Some of the Most Dangerous Roads in America

These Are Some of the Most Dangerous Roads in America

America is a nation that’s built on motor vehicles. While we use trains and other forms of transportation, driving is still the overwhelmingly most popular way for personal and commercial transportation. The popularity of getting behind the wheel in American means that drivers in small vehicles are consistently sharing the road with truck drivers.

Trucks pose a serious threat to smaller vehicles during accidents. Regardless of fault, a truck accident can be more devastating for those involved thanks to their massive size and weight. Driving a large 18-wheeler or sharing the road with one means being alert and safe always. Understanding what roads the worst accidents in the United States have will help all drivers learn more about when their safety is at an increased threat.

Roads with the Most Fatalities in the United States

According to the consumer spending site ValuePenguin, certain stretches of roads are more dangerous than others. The company compiled data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) to compile what highways had the most fatal accidents per 100 miles.

These are the most dangerous roads in the United States according to this report:

  • State Route 99 in California – 62.3 fatal accidents per 100 miles
  • I-47 in Texas – 56.5 fatal accidents per 100 miles
  • I-95 between Florida and Maine – 55.1 fatal accidents per 100 miles
  • I-10 between California and Florida – 54.5 fatal accidents per 100 miles
  • I-75 between Florida and Michigan – 47.2 fatal accidents per 100 miles

What About the Overall Most Dangerous Roads in the United States?

Once again, ValuePenguin compiled data to produce information that helps us understand some of the most dangerous roads in America. The company examined crashes between 2010 and 2016 and consider factors such as fatal crashes per vehicle traveled, fatalities per crash, and the percentage of fatal non vehicle collisions in each area. While the results don’t provide an objective list of the most dangerous U.S. highways, they did help create a list that is well-informed.

From this data, some of the most dangerous highways in America are the following:

  • Arizona’s US Route 93
  • Oklahoma State Highway 9
  • Colorado’s US Route 160
  • California’s Interstate 5
  • Texas’ Interstate 10

What Are the Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers?

The more a road is used by smaller vehicles, the more dangerous it can be for a trucker. Busy roads with many types of drivers mean that they have many variables that can trigger an accident.

According to accident volume data from 2013-2016, these roads are dangerous for truckers:

  • I-10 in Alabama
  • I-95 in Florida
  • HWY-75 in Idaho
  • I-40 in Arkansas
  • US-1 in Florida
  • M-20 in Michigan
  • I-80 Nebraska
  • HWY-5 in Colorado
  • I-70 in Maryland
  • SC-35 South Carolina

If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, whether you’re a truck driver or the occupant of a smaller vehicle, Arnold & Itkin LLP is ready to help. Call us now at (888) 490-0442 to discover your options during a free consultation.


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