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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020MayWe're Helping a Man Restore His Life After a Preventable Accident

We're Helping a Man Restore His Life After a Preventable Accident

Arnold & Itkin’s truck accident lawyers recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a freelance fashion designer who was starting a potential-filled career when a careless commercial truck driver injured him. Our client was traveling in the far-left lane when the truck suddenly turned in front of him, causing his vehicle to collide with the truck. Now, he suffers from serious injuries such as constant headaches, excruciating back pain, numbness and tingling in his hands, PTSD, and anxiety. This truck driver’s reckless driving now means that our client's life has been dramatically altered.

When commercial drivers fail to do their jobs safely, other people frequently pay the steepest price. No one should have to suffer from the physical and mental pain caused by preventable accidents. Now, our client requires compensation for the difficulties caused by this incident.

We're proud of our history of obtaining justice on behalf of clients suffering because of unsafe drivers. When someone has been wronged by the reckless behavior of another, it’s our mission to help them recover. Our team will fight for the justice that this man deserves, just as we’ve done in the past. We filed this case in Tarrant County, Texas.


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