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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020MayFighting for Truck Driver with Injured Arm

Fighting for Truck Driver with Injured Arm

Arnold & Itkin's truck accident lawyers are seeking compensation on behalf of a truck owner-operator injured by the carelessness of a product distributor. Our client was picking up a load from a distributor when he tripped over a ramp the warehouse employees put against his trailer without telling him. The ramp was the wrong ramp for unloading, and our client broke his elbow as a result. The surgery for this injury required sawing off part of his bone and will cause significant loss in use of the arm. That’s a huge problem for a truck driver.  

When careless and preventable accidents happen, it can result in severe consequences for the injured. Our client is facing an uncertain future with his career, lost wages, and medical bills—all because of the careless behavior of others. 

Arnold & Itkin will fight for the compensation this man deserves and won’t settle for less than he needs. Companies that cut corners in necessary workplace equipment need to be held accountable when their decisions cost workers their health. We filed this case in Dallas County, Texas. 


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