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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020JuneReckless Trucker Causes Catastrophic Multi-Vehicle Crash

Reckless Trucker Causes Catastrophic Multi-Vehicle Crash

Arnold & Itkin LLP Attorneys Kurt ArnoldKyle Findley and Adam Lewis filed a lawsuit today on behalf of a man who was injured when a commercial truck was driving recklessly in heavy fog and struck our client’s vehicle. The impact was so powerful that it flipped the trailer being hauled by our client. To compound matters, a separate vehicle was driving in the opposite direction and caused a second impact. This multi-vehicle accident caused our client serious injuries, which will require extensive medical treatment. 

The weight and size of commercial vehicles means that any collision will have devastating, catastrophic consequences. Even so, this accident was exceptionally damaging and traumatic, and the at-fault driver (and the company that employs him) needs to be held accountable so that our client can get the compensation he needs to recover. Arnold & Itkin has a proven track record in vigorously representing persons harmed by careless trucking companies, and we look forward to representing their client in this matter.

This case was filed in Galveston County, Texas.


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