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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020JuneAccountant Seriously Injured in 18-Wheeler Hit & Run

Accountant Seriously Injured in 18-Wheeler Hit & Run

Catastrophic trucking collision lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP filed suit on behalf of a Cypress accountant who was pinned between an 18-wheeler and a concrete barrier in his small sedan by an aggressive truck driver making an unsafe lane change. The driver then sped off and never returned to the scene. Our client suffered extensive injuries to his back, neck, head, shoulder, leg, and ankle, and continues to live in excruciating pain. 

Unsafe lane changes are dangerous enough when you’re in a passenger vehicle, but in an 18-wheeler, they’re often catastrophic. Trucks weight 20x as much as most passenger vehicles. With that much of a size difference, truckers are obligated to be cautious and patient drivers. Instead, a reckless driver’s impatience cost our client his health and his peace of mind. Additionally, the at-fault driver broke the law and abandoned our injured client at the scene. Combined, these actions demand compensation to provide our client with medical care, lost earnings, and other damages he’s suffered.

Our firm looks forward to fighting to get him the compensation he requires to move forward with his life and secure closure for himself and his family. We intend to get him everything he needs in the wake of this tragic event caused by the truck driver and trucking company’s dangerous decisions.


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