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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020JulyRear-End Collision Survivor Deserves Compensation

Rear-End Collision Survivor Deserves Compensation

Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and Adam Lewis recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Texas resident who was injured during a car accident. The accident occurred when a commercial truck, driven by a Marten Transport worker, struck their vehicle in Reeves County, Texas. Our client was preparing to turn off the roadway when the truck driver failed to notice, causing a rear-end collision. Because of the accident, our client is suffering from spine injuries that have required extensive medical treatment.

Truck companies are obligated to ensure that their drivers are qualified to be behind the wheel of their vehicles. When they fail to do so, people such as our client suffer severe medical consequences. Now, our client needs compensation for the financial losses associated with this preventable accident.

Arnold & Itkin’s truck accident lawyers are always ready to help people harmed by the reckless and negligent actions of others. Accountability will help prevent similar accident from happening and help our client receive the compensation that they need.

We filed this case in Reeves County, Texas.


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