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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020JulyInjured Truck Driver & His Mother Injured in Pileup

Injured Truck Driver & His Mother Injured in Pileup

Arnold & Itkin’s truck accident lawyers are representing a Midland City, Alabama truck driver and his mother who are suffering after a serious accident. They were on a trip together in a small sedan when an 18-wheeler slammed into a car behind them and caused a five-car pileup. Our clients took the brunt of the impact, which totaled their vehicle and caused them to sustain serious injuries to their neck, back, head, and other parts of their bodies.

Truck drivers are in control of a vehicle that is significantly heavier than other cars on the road. Their size and weight mean that others in smaller vehicles, just as our clients were during this accident, face a serious disadvantage during a collision. In this instance, the driver that caused this accident showed the dangers of reckless 18-wheeler operation after he caused a serious accident involving multiple vehicles. Now, our clients need compensation for losses associated with this preventable incident.

Our team has a history of fighting for clients and never settling for less than they deserve. We look forward to helping this man and his mother obtain the justice they deserve from the irresponsible trucking company that allowed a reckless driver to work for it.

We filed this case in Harris County, Texas.


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