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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2020April18-Wheeler Accident in El Paso County Seriously Injures Motorist

18-Wheeler Accident in El Paso County Seriously Injures Motorist

An 18-wheeler ran over a motorist on the Gateway West onramp to I-10 Wednesday evening. According to eyewitnesses and authorities, the semi-truck drove over the top of a pickup truck. The crash site choked traffic on I-10 westbound from Harnose to Horizon City during rush hour. At one point, a helicopter landed on the highway.

Rescuers freed the motorist from the pickup because he was trapped inside the wreckage. He was then taken to a local hospital with severe injuries. As of last night, the Sheriff’s office was still trying to determine what caused the collision.

No Injuries Reported Yet from Another I-10 Crash Near Transmountain

Earlier this afternoon, another 18-wheeler collision caused a rollover that slowed traffic going both directions on I-10 near Transmountain. Officials did not report whether or not anyone was injured. Rollover accidents are one of the worst highway events that can ever occur. Though only 3 percent of accidents are a rollover event, they account for 30 percent of highway fatalities, at least among passenger vehicles.

I-10 Closed Again for Truck Crash in January 2020

This is not the first time in 2020 that these sections of Interstate 10 have been closed due to a major collision. On January 30 of this year, a pedestrian was seriously injured on I-10 West near the Harnose exit, prompting the Sheriff to close that section of the highway.

High-volume highways in east El Paso County (and throughout Texas) are susceptible to serious 18-wheeler collisions. Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their drivers are getting sufficient rest and are not overburdened with demanding schedules, which helps prevent accidents and keep the road safer.

In times such as these, it’s more vital than ever that truckers are protected and well rested—not just for the sake of delivering much-needed supplies, but for their own health and safety.

Our hearts go out to the injured motorist from yesterday’s collision and to the potentially injured motorists from today’s collision. We hope for a full and speedy recovery.

Visit the KVIA site for up-to-date traffic information in and around El Paso.


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