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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2019JanuaryCase Filed on Behalf of Injured Hotshot Driver

Case Filed on Behalf of Injured Hotshot Driver

Arnold & Itkin's truck accident attorneys are proud to represent a man that sustained life-changing injuries while performing his duties as a hotshot driver. He was picking up a load at a warehouse in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Though the man lives and works in Texas, he travels interstate for his job. He sustained several serious injuries to his feet and legs and has already had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Hotshot drivers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of many businesses. Without them, companies would be forced to find less cost-efficient and slower forms of transportation. Unfortunately, the rushed nature of the position causes many companies to neglect safety in the interest of speed. Companies must protect their workers from the moment they begin a haul to the instant they finish the delivery. If safety is neglected by an employer for just a moment, drivers experience hardship with their finances and health. Arnold & Itkin is filing suit in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is eager to get the driver the compensation he deserves for his injuries.


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