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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2019AugustSuit Filed for Father & Son Rear-Ended by Semi-Truck

Suit Filed for Father & Son Rear-Ended by Semi-Truck

Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent a father and son who were dangerously rear-ended by a large 18-wheeler. The clients sustained serious injuries to their necks and backs and have been experiencing serious pain. These injuries could have long term consequences for both of them, as neck injuries limit mobility and employment opportunities, while costly treatment leaves families with few financial options.

Rear-end collisions are common—according to the NHTSA, 40 percent of all car accidents are rear-end accidents—but that doesn't make them insignificant. Semi-trucks are up to 80,000 pounds and can travel at least 55 mph on most roads, so a rear-end collision can be devastating. Experts estimate that thousands of people have died from rear-end collisions with 18-wheelers over the last two decades. Ultimately, it's the driver's responsibility to operate their vehicle safely, which means braking with sufficient time to stop. 

Arnold & Itkin is eager to get the clients the justice they deserve for their injuries.

The suit was filed in Harris County, Texas.


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