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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2019April4 Things You Should Know Before Filing a Truck Accident Claim

4 Things You Should Know Before Filing a Truck Accident Claim

After an accident involving a truck, survivors are often left with serious injuries which require extensive time and money to heal. When a person gets in a truck accident, they need the trucking company's insurer to honor the claim. Unfortunately, to protect themselves from 'fraudulent' claims, insurance companies often classify common mistakes by claimants as fraudulent activity.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Be Wary of Recorded Statements

Recorded statements might completely derail a personal injury claim. If an insurance company requests a recorded statement, the best practice is to tell them you won’t do so until you speak with an attorney. Speaking with an attorney will help you understand which questions you should answer and how you should answer them.

For example, an insurance adjuster might ask a survivor of an accident how fast they believe the truck was going. If this person says a speed such as 60 mph but the truck was really traveling at 20 mph, the insurance company may use this as evidence that the claimant is not trustworthy. Waiting to learn all facts before giving a recorded statement gives accident survivors a fair chance to understand their situation. Truck accidents are incredibly frightening, and a victim may honestly think the vehicle was traveling faster than it was because of the force of the impact they felt.

2. See a Doctor as Soon as Possible

It’s important that your injuries are examined as soon as possible after your accident. When visiting a doctor, tell them about every injury you might have, even if the pain is minor. For example, an injured neck might feel slightly sore before it develops into a restrictive and painful disability. A thorough medical exam shortly after your accident not only gets you the care you need, but it gives you an accurate understanding of how the accident affected you physically, mentally, and neurologically.

3. Honesty Matters

Insurance companies will look for any reason to discredit your story or weaken your claim. If there's anything they can misconstrue as dishonesty (either in your reported statements or medical records), they will. As a result, it's vital for you to be as honest and straightforward as possible with your attorney and your doctor. Being perfectly honest early in the process will ensure that you'll have a stronger case against the insurance company.

4. Speak to an Attorney

If you suffered injuries in a truck accident, it’s essential to consult an attorney before speaking to anyone else. A truck accident attorney will help you through the insurance claims process. If your attorney believes that you've gotten an unfair offer, then they need to negotiate a fair settlement for you. If negotiations do not work, you need an attorney with trial experience who will prove your case to a jury. Arnold & Itkin LLP has won billions for our clients in verdicts and settlements because we know what it takes to win a case.

Call our truck accident attorneys today at (888) 490-0442 for a free consultation of your case. We know that these times are financially difficult for clients, so we only collect fees if we win results in your case!


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