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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018OctoberCase Filed For a Family Injured By an 18-Wheeler

Case Filed For a Family Injured by an 18-Wheeler

Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis recently filed suit in Harris County, Texas on behalf of a Texas family that was injured in an 18-wheeler accident. A heavy load of tractors fell off the 18-wheeler’s trailer and struck the family’s vehicle. After causing the major crash, the 18-wheeler fled the scene.

Commercial drivers have a responsibility to make sure that their cargo is secure while they are on the road. The fact that the defendant chose to flee the scene and not ensure the well-being of our clients demonstrates their negligence and wrongful conduct.

Our clients have already undergone significant medical treatment and will require ongoing medical care in the future. Our firm believes that people should face the consequences of their recklessness to prevent accidents like this from happening again. Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent those families who are injured by the carelessness of others.


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