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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018NovemberCase Filed for Victim of Negligent Company Driver in Louisiana

Case Filed for Victim of Negligent Company Driver in Louisiana

Attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a client who was riding in an 18-wheeler owned and driven by his employer. The driver lost control on a wet road, hydroplaned, and rolled the semi-truck into a ditch.

As a result of this serious Louisiana truck accident, our 29-year-old client suffered a serious injury to his back. Back injuries are potentially life-changing. Chronic pain and limited mobility not only limit a person's employment options, but impact their quality of life. Our client's employer needs to take responsibility for their equipment and for their negligent driver. More importantly, they need to make things right with their employee by paying for his losses.

Our truck accident firm is proud to represent this young man and hold his employer for causing this terrible wreck and causing our client’s devastating injuries.

Arnold & Itkin filed suit in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana against our client’s employer and its insurer.


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