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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018MayCase Filed for Young Man Injured by Cement Truck

Case Filed for Young Man Injured by Cement Truck

The trucking accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of a young man that was injured by a cement truck in Bayside, TX. The cement truck crashed into a vehicle that the young man was riding in as a passenger. The young man fractured his spine, tailbone, wrist, and shoulder, as well as injuries to other parts of his body.

Drivers are expected to be alert, attentive, and well-trained in safe driving procedures. Even moderate awareness of the surrounding environment would equip a driver to avoid collision with other vehicles. Cement truck drivers demand even more accountability because of the stakes—cement trucks are too dangerous to allow negligent drivers behind the wheel.

Our attorneys are looking forward to helping another injured passenger get the compensation he deserves for his injuries—including enough money for medical care, lost wages, and other losses. Arnold & Itkin filed the lawsuit in Refugio County, Texas.


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