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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2018AugustDeath Toll Increases to Eight in New Mexico Greyhound Bus Accident

Death Toll Increases to Eight in New Mexico Greyhound Bus Accident

Yesterday, we covered an accident between a commercial truck and a Greyhound bus that occurred on Interstate 40 in New Mexico. The bus was heading toward Phoenix with a final destination of Los Angeles. It was initially reported that four people were killed in the accident. Today, authorities have confirmed that at least eight people were killed.

New Mexico State Police Officer Ray Wilson stated that authorities expect the number of those killed to increase. Additionally, it was revealed that most of the 49 passengers on the Greyhound bus were transported to area hospitals for treatment, many with severe injuries. The driver of the semi-truck sustained injuries that are not life-threatening.

An “Awe-Inspiring Terrible Scene”

More tragic details have emerged about the accident that occurred around 12:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon. The semi-truck was driving east on Interstate 40 when a tire blowout caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The large truck swerved across the median and into oncoming traffic, hitting the bus head-on. Witness Marc Gonzalez labeled what he saw at the scene a “complete catastrophe” in a statement to KRQE. Gonzalez went on to state, “You could tell that people were distressed, screams were coming from the bus."

Other witnesses have used similarly heartbreaking statements to describe what they saw at the scene of the accident. Santos Soto, a trucker of two years, said, “I was really traumatized myself. I’ve been driving for about two years and I have never seen anything like that before,” he continued, “I’m a pretty strong person and I broke down and cried for at least 30 minutes.” Eric Hoff was traveling to the Grand Canyon with his girlfriend when they came upon the wreckage. As content was strewn across the road and around the two massive wrecked vehicles, Hoff described what he saw as “an awe-inspiring terrible scene.”

Tire Safety Matters

Arnold & Itkin has reported numerous times about the importance of tire safety and maintenance. The National High Traffic Safety Administration estimates that tire blowouts are responsible for 12,000 truck accidents each year. When a truck experiences a tire blowout, its size causes danger on the road. Trucks can roll over from a blowout or, as seen in New Mexico, cause deadly multi-vehicle accidents.

The commercial truck accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin will continue to follow this story as details emerge. We continue to hope for the full recovery of those who were injured in the accident.


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