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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2017OctoberTwo New Truck Accident Cases Filed in Bexar & Harris County, Texas

Two New Truck Accident Cases Filed in Bexar & Harris County, Texas

One of our more recent case filings involves a client in a particularly rare and dangerous collision. Our Bexar County client has an impeccable record as a commercial driver and was continuing to drive in a manner consistent with his record when he was wrongfully injured in a collision involving multiple tractor trailer vehicles. He suffered severe injuries in the accident, and we as a firm look forward to fighting for the compensation he needs to return to a healthy life.

In another recent matter, we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client out of Harris County, Texas. While safely operating his motor vehicle, he was suddenly struck by a Hiland Dairy Farms work truck that was making an illegal move to avoid traffic. This driver's negligence directly caused our client to suffer injuries all over his body, namely in the back and the neck. As our client focuses on his recovery, our firm is proud to pursue the compensation he needs and deserves.

While we continue to be amazed by the dangers of the road, we take great pride in the opportunity to help these men and women recover as comfortably as possible.


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