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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2017NovemberAre Traffic Authorities Responsible for Truck Accidents?

Are Traffic Authorities Responsible for Truck Accidents?

Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of modern life. At any given moment, someone can hop on Google Maps and find the red traffic lines that coincide with an ongoing car crash. The data backs up the familiarity of these crashes. In 2012, there was an average of 15,300 auto accidents daily. Every crash will end with one or both parties being blamed by insurance companies as the cause of the accident.

However, should truck and auto accidents ever be at least partially pinned on traffic authorities?

Drivers are nitpicked by insurance companies with laws and rules, trying to determine if a person is at fault. However, traffic controllers are not always held to the same standard of scrutiny. If you look at the data, you may be surprised. For example, consider this: in the United States, there is a 150 mile stretch of interstate that accounts for approximately 85 deaths every single year. That means that two deaths occur per mile every year on this single stretch of road.

Shouldn’t this be a red flag for traffic controllers?

Currently, there are small stretches of interstates that cause massive amounts of auto accidents resulting in numerous injuries and fatalities. It stands to reason that traffic authorities in those areas should be held at least partially responsible for these accidents. An 8 mile stretch of road causing the majority of accidents on a 1,919 mile long freeway is more than a coincidence—and the roads themselves may play a large part of why these accidents are happening.

But if this is true…

Why Is Nothing Being Done About Poorly Designed Roads?

  • Money

Even though 8 miles may cause an exorbitant amount of accidents every year, that does not mean that the city, state, and federal governments are willing to use their finances to change the highways. Construction takes a lot of money, and most governments just don’t have the budget to tackle the necessary renovations.

  • Time

Construction projects takes years to complete. Highway renovations are no different. Having to shut down a section of a freeway to make renovations will significantly slow the traffic that runs through the area. When traffic controllers shut down sections of freeway, businesses and individuals complain about the road work. Residents living in the area are not happy with the inconvenience, and companies that rely on these freeways lose money due to slower delivery speeds. This outcry from the public can cause traffic officials to do away with potential projects.

  • Lack of Awareness

The “squeaky wheel gets the oil,” and the average person might not know about these dangerous roads because they are not in the trucking business. These dangerous sections of road are spread far and wide across the United States, and it cannot be expected that people would care about accidents that happen in some random town four states over. The United States government is run “by the people for the people,” so public awareness is a major factor in work projects being completed. When individuals in accident-ridden communities are unaware of these traffic issues, these problems are sure to go unfixed by government and traffic officials.

Arnold & Itkin Fights Because We Care

Our firm cares about those who are injured on these dangerous roads. We think it is a shame that these roads cause the amount of accidents that they do, and we want to do what we can to help. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact our truck accident attorneys immediately. We fight for people who were injured and need a legal team to secure fair compensation. This is why you never pay unless we win. We are willing to invest our time and energy into accident cases and demand justice for the injured.

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