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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2017AugustCase Filed for Crippled Tow Truck Worker

Case Filed for Crippled Tow Truck Worker

Arnold & Itkin, LLP recently filed a case on behalf of man who was crippled when a company tow truck failed and allowed a towed vehicle to come unsecured. The workers’ leg was crushed in the process and he has already undergone eight surgeries to repair his leg, including skin grafts, a nerve transplant, and the insertion of plates, rods, and screws in an attempt to save his leg from amputation.

These extensive operations have cost our client a great deal of money and future security. Even if he kept his leg, an accident like this requires a long recovery time, physical therapy, and long-term care to “return to normal,” if at all possible. In the end, his injuries were caused because his employer’s equipment failed. An employer is responsible for ensuring that their equipment is safe and well-maintained. Arnold & Itkin LLP looks forward to seeking justice for this individual and helping him and his family through this difficult time.

This case was filed in Harris County, Texas.


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