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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2017AprilNew Case Filed for Truck Driver Injured in Accident

New Case Filed for Truck Driver Injured in Accident

The most well-known victims of truck accidents are passenger vehicles, which makes sense—cars are often a small fraction of the weight of a tractor-trailer. However, when truck drivers are negligent, other truck drivers can pay the price as well. Such is the case for our newest client, who is a commercial truck driver from Mississippi. 

Arnold & Itkin has recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a commercial truck driver against Greatwide Dallas Mavis, LLC, whose driver caused our client serious injury. Our client was driving on the interstate near Texarkana when he was struck from behind violently. The police later cited Greatwide Dallas Mavis for the collision.

While our trucking accident cases are often filed on behalf of the drivers of passenger vehicles, we represent all victims of trucking negligence—and that includes commercial drivers too. Our team is honored to represent our client against the trucking company that caused him painful and significant injuries. We hope to get him exactly what he needs.


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