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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2017AprilFatal Truck Accident on Eastbound I-30 Near Fate, TX

Fatal Truck Accident on Eastbound I-30 Near Fate, TX

Yesterday afternoon, multiple passenger vehicles were involved in a collision with two 18-wheelers, resulting in the death of at least one passenger, with two more confirmed as hospitalized. The condition of the hospitalized victims and their role in the crash is currently unknown. It has been confirmed that the victim who was killed was in a passenger vehicle.

The collision occurred on I-30 eastbound near the Fate exit in Rockwall. According to a witness—as reported by Kyle Bradford of the Texas Department of Public Safety—traffic on I-30 headed east was slowing down when an 18-wheeler failed to decelerate. When it struck, the collision set off a chain reaction that involved another 18-wheeler and at least 2 additional passenger vehicles, with another report saying up to 3 cars were included in the chain reaction. 

I-30 was temporarily shut down in both directions while the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Fate Department of Public Safety could investigate the scene. Regarding the drivers of the trucks, it’s being reported that Bravo Logistics owns one of the trucks involved in the collision. They were aware of the collision but did not report on the driver's condition. Additionally, there are conflicting reports about how many passenger vehicles were victims of the collision—Dallas News reports 5 total (including the trucks), while CBS News reports a sixth passenger vehicle was struck.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families involved. 


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