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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2016NovemberCase Filed for Young Man in 18-Wheeler Collision

Case Filed for Young Man in 18-Wheeler Collision

For years, Arnold & Itkin has advocated for stronger trucking safety standards, including better accountability for companies and better training for drivers. However, some cases are not a matter of protocol or training—they’re just examples of reckless behavior.

Our newest client was traveling down the highway during a rainy night with limited visibility. Without warning, our client struck an 18-wheeler’s trailer, sustaining serious injuries to his neck and back. It turns out that the Defendant had chosen to park his trailer across active lanes of traffic in an illegal and dangerous maneuver.

Behavior like this cannot be tolerated on our roads.

We filed the case in Harris County, Texas. Our firm looks forward to helping our client get the money he needs to recover medically, financially, and emotionally.


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