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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2016JuneKeeping the Distance: Staying Safe from Turning Trucks

Keeping the Distance: Staying Safe from Turning Trucks

As most of us are aware, big rigs, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers take up a lot more space on the road than the average vehicle. But not every driver realizes that when a large commercial vehicle needs to make a turn, it has to swing wide to the left for right turns and wide to the right for left turns. If truck or car drivers aren't careful, trucking accidents can easily result from these wider-than-average turns.

Safety Tips for Passenger Vehicles

Accidents occur from trucks' wide turns for many different reasons. The need to make wide turns can cause trucks to move unexpectedly into the lanes of other traffic, sometimes surprising other drivers. If a truck driver does not see a smaller vehicle flanking its sides, it can easily swing into a car or motorcycle driving in the neighboring lane, likely resulting in serious injury to the person or persons they hit.

To stay safe around turning trucks, try to keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid trucks’ blind spots, especially behind and directly in front of the right-hand side
  • Slow down and stay out of the way of a truck making a turn
  • Expect that a turning truck will creep into your lane

Additionally, if a truck driver does not slow down enough to make a turn, the vehicle may become more difficult to control. The trailer of the vehicle may even swing wildly into other cars and vehicles on the road, once again causing serious damage and injury. Staying alert and giving the truck adequate space to safely move is crucial in protecting yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle.

Holding Truck Drivers Accountable

Arnold & Itkin LLP has won several cases involving dangerous wide turns. In one case, an irresponsible truck driver's wide turn almost killed the firm's clients. Our clients were riding together in a car, stopped next to a tractor-trailer. Our clients were preparing to drive straight while the truck driver wanted to make a left turn under highway 290 in Houston, Texas. As our clients' car began moving forward, the truck driver turned, and his tractor-trailer slammed into the car as it swung wide. Our clients' car was thrown into the light pole at the intersection, causing both men in the vehicle serious injury. The truck driver claimed he did not see the smaller vehicle beside him. Because of the driver's negligence, the Arnold & Itkin clients ultimately received a substantial and highly confidential settlement.

Stay Safe. Protect Yourself with a Houston Truck Accident Attorney!

When truck drivers do not adequately signal and slow down for their wide turns, they can cause serious, sometimes fatal, accidents. If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident caused by a driver's unsafe turn, you may be entitled to compensation. While good sense dictates that car drivers give trucks the space they need on the road, that doesn't mean a truck accident involving a wide turn was the fault of the smaller vehicle's driver. Most trucks are required to warn motorists of wide turns with signs and pictures posted on their vehicle. Additionally, truck drivers need to take caution and compensate for their larger vehicle. In many wide-turn truck accidents, the truck drivers and or the truck company operators did not take adequate precautions to protect public safety.

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