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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2016JulyTruck Crashes Into Bridge, Kills Child & Injures Mother

Truck Crashes Into Bridge, Kills Child & Injures Mother

At around 10 am in Sealy, a Texas Disposal Services truck was traveling down Highway 36, approaching the overpass for Highway 90 from the north. At the same time, a mother and her two young sons was traveling from the opposite direction in a white passenger vehicle, with one son in the front passenger seat and the other in the back.

As the two vehicles passed each other, the truck struck the bridge because it did not have enough clearance to pass under. Specifically, the tall boom of the truck struck the overpass, causing a portion of the bridge to crumble and fall onto the front of the passenger vehicle carrying the young family. It crushed the front end of the car.

Tragically, the falling debris led to the death of the young boy in the front passenger seat. His mother was injured by the debris as well. Police reported that the child in the backseat was able to crawl out of the car, but his condition is not known at this time. The mother was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Katy, a little over 20 miles away.

What We Know & What We Don't

It is not known if the truck driver attempted to slow down the vehicle before striking the bridge, or if he miscalculated the boom’s clearance and struck it at full speed. We also do not know if the driver was impaired. Here is what is certain:

Truck drivers are responsible for knowing the clearance and capabilities of their vehicles, and they (as well as their employers) are responsible for choosing routes that safely accommodate their vehicle’s height. When truck drivers or trucking companies are negligent regarding the knowledge of their vehicles, their routes, or their driving capabilities, terrible accidents occur. These accidents are made all the more tragic by how preventable they are.

Our hearts go out to the loved ones of this family. We hope for the fast and complete recovery of the injured young woman, and we hope that her son who was in the backseat is unharmed and receiving the comfort he needs.


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