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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2016AugustDriver Killed in Truck Accident on I-79

Driver Killed in Truck Accident on I-79

Around 4 am this morning, a driver for Summers Towing was killed in a tragic accident. He and another Summers truck were called in to help a broken down tractor-trailer on the side of I-79 around mile marker 150. They separated the rig from the trailer, and the other tow truck driver prepared the rig for transport.

The driver (who has been identified) parked behind the trailer to wait for his colleague to finish. While he sat in the cab, another tractor-trailer struck the tow truck from behind. Sadly, the parked driver was ejected and died on impact.

The tractor-trailer’s momentum continued to carry it into the broken-down rig. Here, it stopped and caught fire, though the driver was able to escape unharmed. The other drivers were not injured in the incident.  

Our hearts go out to the driver's family. We hope that the investigation into this tragic crash is swift and certain, allowing them the closure that answers could bring. Primarily, we hope that they receive the comfort and peace they need.


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