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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015NovemberHow Volvo's Technology Is Making Trucks Safer

How Volvo's Technology Is Making Trucks Safer

The future of truck safety seems to rest in the hands of major automakers like Volvo. Over the years, they have been campaigning to market themselves as the safest truck makers. Recently, they have developed the technology to make that statement come true. 2015 marked a new direction for truck safety, with technology further opening the door for improvements in this area.

Volvo is incorporating a cutting-edge anti-collision technology in their trucks. This new technology is designed to help drivers avoid potential accidents by alerting them ahead of time of any hazards. Why are they pushing so hard to develop this type of trucking technology? According to a recent study done by their accident research team, 90% of truck safety accidents were caused entirely or partially by human error.

Volvo Stands for Zero Collisions

“Volvo Trucks’ goal of zero collisions drives the advancement of future safety systems,” said the product marketing manager-long haul for Volvo Trucks. “We will continue to develop and refine next-generation safety systems to support the truck driver’s operation of the vehicle.”

What makes these future safety systems so unique? They will actually be able to monitor the road conditions outside of the truck in a much more comprehensive manner. This means real-time information about potential hazards can be provided to the driver, helping to eliminate the risk of accidents.

The new system will include alerts and the following driver assistance technology:

  • Enhanced Stability Technology
  • Radar-Based Enhanced Cruise
  • Active Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

These features are designed to assist the driver in order to prevent accidents, not take over for them. Volvo focused on creating a system that would still involve the actual driver, as they are still the most crucial part of the truck industry. Safety systems and technology should continue to be developed around the driver and their needs, as this can help protect them, pedestrians, and other motorists from dangerous truck accidents.

Are Fully Autonomous Trucks a Possibility?

According to Volvo and many others, not likely. While the idea seems great, human drivers are still expected to play a main role in the trucking industry in the coming years. For this reason, Volvo continues to focus on improving safety features like their active safety system, which focuses on collision warning and mitigation. Though some may see the only future solution to improving truck safety as eliminating drivers, Volvo seems to have it right—aiding the human behind the wheel to become a better driver.


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