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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015NovemberFiery Truck Accident in Cypress Results in Multiple Deaths

Fiery Truck Accident in Cypress Results in Multiple Deaths

The accident took place around 4:00 a.m. in Cypress. An 18-wheeler was driving down Highway 290 when it collided into a stalled Ford sedan. The stalled vehicle was pulled into a lane without moving traffic instead of the shoulder—police are still trying to determine why the driver didn’t pull over to the left shoulder.

When the collision took place, there were three people inside the stalled vehicle. The driver of the vehicle had gotten out to inspect her sedan just a few minutes before the accident occurred. The woman looked back and saw the 18-wheeler barreling towards her car and tried to flag them down before they crashed into it. Unfortunately, she was not able to warn them in time.

The truck hit the sedan with such force that it caused it to lose its load of wooden pallets and resulted in a fire in the cab. That fire quickly spread to the Ford. The driver of the truck was killed, as well as one passenger in the back of the Ford. The other two passengers in the Ford were not seriously injured. They were being treated at Memorial Herman hospital after the accident.

Police Begin Death Investigation

Hazmat crews had to be called to clean up the spilled diesel fuel on Highway 290, with the entire process to clear the accident scene taking several hours early in the morning. While there was an emphasis on the cleanup, police say that they are turning their attention to the death investigation.

They will begin the process soon, striving to perform as thorough an investigation as possible in honor of the two individuals that lost their lives in the accident. It is still unclear what caused the Ford sedan to stall and whether or not the truck driver could have avoided the vehicle.


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