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NTSB Touts Benefits of Driver-Facing Cameras

Earlier this week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a report highlighting the benefits of driver-facing camera systems in commercial trucks and other commercial vehicles. Driver-facing camera systems rest on the dashboard of the truck and record both the inside of the cab and the roadway in front of the cab. The systems are designed so that they can either continuously record all events or be set to record only once triggered by a specific event.

Benefits of Driver-Facing Cameras

Driver-facing camera systems are invaluable tools for investigative agencies when they are trying to determine the cause of an accident. They can then use the evidence shown in the recorded video to make recommendations to trucking companies that would help prevent future accidents.

Driver-facing camera systems are already used in many commercial vehicles, including school buses and motor coaches. The NTSB reviewed the data provided from two recent accidents involving a school bus and a motor coach that were equipped with driver-facing camera systems for its report.

NTSB Recommendations Regarding Driver-Facing Cameras

While the NTSB does not have the regulatory authority to mandate the use of driver-facing camera systems, it did make recommendations to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), other transportation-related associations, and manufacturers of onboard video systems.

The NTSB recommendations were as follows:

  • Incorporate existing crash database systems with standard procedures for collecting and analyzing video data from driver-facing camera systems
  • Encourage companies that are using driver-facing camera systems to ensure that the cameras capture the driver and any occupant in the cabin and has low-light recording capabilities and an optimized frame rate
  • Develop written manuals for properly installing and maintaining onboard video systems

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