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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015MarchOverloaded 18-Wheeler Cause Fatal Accident Near Austin

Overloaded 18-Wheeler Cause Fatal Accident Near Austin

Just last week, we discussed some of the dangers of overloaded and improperly loaded 18-wheelers. On the very same day, an overloaded 18-wheeler traveling on Interstate 35 north of Austin caused an accident that killed one driver and injured three others.

Overloaded Trailer Strikes Overpass

The accident occurred near the town of Salado. The 18-wheeler appeared to be overloaded; while traveling underneath an overpass, the trailer struck the overpass and dislodged several beams. The beams fell onto the traffic below. One beam crushed a pickup truck that was traveling in the opposite direction as the 18-wheeler. The driver of the pickup truck was killed in the accident.

Truck Unauthorized yo Haul Oversized Load

Both lanes of traffic had to be shut down while engineers repaired the overpass. Officials from the Texas Department of Transportation noted that the 18-wheeler was not authorized to be transporting an overloaded trailer. The agency also noted that the actual height clearance of the overpass was 14.5 feet, though the 3 signs notifying truck drivers of the overpass’s height listed it at just 13.5 feet.

The signs are posted two miles before the overpass, one mile before the overpass, and at the exit.


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