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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015JanuaryFatal FedEx Crash Leads Jury Awarding Record Wrongful Death Verdict

Fatal FedEx Crash Leads Jury Awarding Record Wrongful Death Verdict

$165 Million Awarded to Accident Victim & Family

With only a 19-month-old boy surviving a fatal truck accident in June 2011, a family still mourns over the loss of a young mother and daughter. Miraculously, the boy was the only survivor of the devastating crash involving a pickup and a FedEx delivery truck, whose driver also passed away in the collision.

The accident took place around 1:30 a.m. The young mother had reportedly pulled over to the side of the road and put her pickup truck's hazards on. Shortly after, the FedEx driver slammed her truck into the pickup going an estimated 65 mph, with no obvious signs of slowing down or braking.

The boy's remaining family took legal action by pursuing a wrongful death suit against FedEx, which recently came to a close in late January. The jury awarded the family a record wrongful death verdict of $165 million for New Mexico. The family feels that this is a just award, especially for the tragic loss they have endured.

FedEx "Considers Options" & Denies Responsibility

Their representation claims that FedEx has openly denied responsibility from the beginning of the case, making the verdict all the more meaningful for the family. The jury seems to have aimed to send a message to FedEx that it may be time to improve driver training, especially in regards to "danger zone driving."

Still, the company believes that the case should not be closed just yet. Despite making comments of heartfelt condolences, the company still firmly states that they "respectfully disagree" with the multi-million verdict that the jury awarded the family. Currently, FedEx claims to be exploring their options for challenging the verdict and is considering an appeal. However, it appears that FedEx may only be postponing the inevitable by challenging the verdict, and in the long run, may only cause the family additional suffering.


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