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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015January5 Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

5 Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, the chances of suffering a serious injury are much higher than in a typical car accident with another passenger vehicle. After suffering an injury in a truck accident, many people seek out a lawyer that handles traffic accidents. Unfortunately, while those lawyers may have a great deal of experience handling run-of-the mill car accident cases and dealing with insurance firms, accidents involving commercial trucks are an entirely different animal that require the experience and knowledge of a law firm that specializes in truck accidents.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Below are five reasons why you need a lawyer who specializes in truck accident litigation to handle your injury claim.

  1. Determining liability is more difficult in truck accident cases. In most car wrecks, determining liability is pretty straightforward. Most times, the police officers who arrive on the scene of the accident will interview both drivers and any eye witnesses and name the liable party in the police report. Determining liability in accidents with commercial trucks is much more complex. In a truck accident, there are many different parties that could be held liable or share in liability. The truck driver, the trucking company, and the manufacturer of the truck or truck parts all have a duty to ensure the safety of the truck and the truck driver. If those duties were not met, all of those parties could be held liable for the accident.
  2. A truck accident lawyer can use discovery to your advantage. In addition to hiring a skilled accident investigator to determine the root cause of the accident, a truck accident attorney will know how to use the discovery process to your advantage. In discovery, lawyers from both sides are allowed to request important documentation to help prove their side. A lawyer who specializes in truck accidents has the knowledge and experience to know which key documents can be crucial to proving your case.
  3. Negotiations can be more complex in truck accident cases. In a typical car accident, your lawyer will likely negotiate with only one party: the insurance company. Because there are typically more parties involved in a truck accident case, a lawyer has to be skilled in negotiating with multiple parties simultaneously.
  4. Identifying defendants in a truck accident case is more difficult. An extension of determining liability is identifying defendants. Many different entities could potentially be defendants in any truck accident case. A truck accident lawyer will be able to identify all possible defendants and determine the appropriate venue to file a lawsuit based on the parties involved.
  5. There are laws and regulations that are specific to the trucking industry. The trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA places laws and regulations specific to the trucking industry that do not apply to passenger vehicles. For example, trucking companies are required to ensure that their drivers have met certain qualifications before operating a commercial truck. Additionally, there are laws in place that govern the number of hours a truck driver can work in a given week. These are just small examples of hundreds of regulations the trucking industry must comply with. A truck accident lawyer will be intimately familiar with all of these regulations and understand how they apply to your case.

Hiring Your Truck Accident Lawyer

Because of the reasons listed in the article, having an experienced lawyer on your side who specializes in truck accidents is critical if you were injured in an accident with a commercial truck. At Arnold & Itkin, our firm has litigated hundreds of commercial truck accident cases. We know the ins and outs of commercial trucking laws and are prepared to use that knowledge to your advantage. Contact our truck accident lawyers today for a free consultation about your legal rights.


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