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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2015FebruaryMajor Trucking Regulations Postponed

Major Trucking Regulations Postponed

A number of major trucking regulations were expected to be published at some point in 2015, but many of those key dates have now been pushed back by the Department of Transportation.

Below are five major trucking regulations that have been postponed and the dates they are now expected to be published.

Electronic Logging Device Mandate

The electronic logging device mandate is a rule that would require truckers to keep electronic records of their duty status. A driver’s duty status is simply a record of the number of hours worked each day. Federal regulations stipulate how many hours a driver can work consecutively or in a given time period, so requiring truck drivers to document and log this information electronically is critical to ensuring that drivers are not being overworked. The rule was originally expected to be published on September 30, but will now be pushed back until November 9. The rule will not go into effect until two years after the publish date.

Speed Limiter Mandate

A proposed rule by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) would require heavier trucks to be equipped with a device that would limit the truck’s speed. However, the details have not been determined and neither the NHTSA nor the FMCSA have stated what the maximum speed limit would be. As a result, the publishing of that rule has been pushed back to June 8.

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

We discussed in this blog recently whether or not a drug and alcohol clearinghouse would reduce the number of truck accidents. The proposed clearinghouse would create a national database of truck drivers who have failed or refused a drug or alcohol test so that employers would be aware of all violations. The publication date of that rule has been delayed until October 30. It would not go into effect until a year and half after the publication date.

Safety Measurement System

The Safety Measurement System is a proposed computerized system that identifies unsafe carriers by using inspections data from across the country. It is a part of a three part federal program to help reduce the number of unsafe trucks that are in operation. It is now projected to be published on July 1, just a few weeks after the original publication date.

Driver Coercion

Truck drivers are often coerced by carriers and shippers to violate the hours-per-week restrictions imposed on them in order to expedite certain deliveries. A newly proposed rule would impose fines or other penalties on carriers and shippers who were caught coercing drivers to ignore or break federal regulations. The rule was proposed last year and is expected to be published on September 10.

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