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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2014MayTwo Teenaged Boys Killed in Crash with Dump Truck

Two Teenaged Boys Killed in Crash with Dump Truck

Recently, two teenage boys were killed when their car and a dump truck collided near Brazos Bend State Park. The boys were students at Needville High School, identified as Wuilmer Alexis Rodriguez, 20, and Alejandro Lopez, 17. One occupant of the car, also a teenage boy, was taken to Oak Bend Hospital for his injuries and has since been pronounced to be in stable condition.

The 43-year-old dump truck driver escaped with only minor injuries. Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers (DPS) reports that the car was traveling around a curve when the dump truck pulled out. The car then crossed the center lane and hit the dump truck. Liability has still not been fully established.

There are many dangers associated with dump trucks which include:

  • They carry loose material, which can shift
  • They are prone to swaying and possibly tipping
  • They must be wary of overhead power lines
  • They must be wary of how level their truck is before raising the bed
  • Due to their size and strength, they must be aware of vehicles/people around them

Every year there are hundreds of accidents involving dump trucks and other large commercial trucks. In order to function properly, a dump truck needs to be inspected thoroughly (including brakes, engine fluids, lights, tires and operating systems) and on a routine basis. If an accident was caused as a result of an ill-maintained commercial vehicle, this is grounds for negligence and a personal injury lawsuit. When a commercial vehicle causes you to sustain harm, it is imperative that you take action immediately to obtain the justice and compensation you deserve!

At Arnold & Itkin LLP we have a long and successful track record of representing personal injury victims and we are prepared to assist you with your case. Contact our law firm today to set up your free consultation and benefit from the legal services of a team of attorneys that has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of compensation for their clients. We are available around the clock to fight for you!


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